Dr. Kristan Rodriguez is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for the Rodriprofileguez Educational Consulting Agency.  Kristan has been the recipient of numerous honors including the Ansin Intercultural Research Award at Boston University.  Dr. Rodriguez specializes her consulting in the application of Universal Design for Learning in the field of educational leadership. The book she co-authored Universally Designed Leadership is the premier title for implementing UDL in systems and schools, and was ranked in the top 100 books on Educational Administration on Amazon. Kristan has been a consultant on leadership and learning for fifteen years, and has traveled nationally to share her expertise. Dr. Rodriguez has served as a Superintendent of Schools, along with other district leadership positions in the field of curriculum and instruction, including experience as an Assistant Superintendent, Director of Curriculum and Curriculum Coordinator.  In her two most recent positions, her overall summative rating was “Exemplary”, the highest possible rating in the state of Massachusetts. She was also a successful Principal and Assistant Principal as well as High School English Teacher.   Dr. Rodriguez is an adjunct professor in the field of educational leadership, recently being promoted to Senior Instructor status at Cambridge College. Kristan holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Boston College, an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Gordon College and a B.S. in Secondary English Education from Boston University. Other consulting areas include strategy development, design, and implementation; general leadership practices;  administrator mentoring and coaching; data (information) based decision-making; systems thinking; Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS); quality professional development programming;  standards based instruction;  family and community engagement; and educator evaluation. Kristan spent her childhood living internationally in Europe, Africa, and Asia. She now resides in Massachusetts with her husband and children.


Recent Workshop Feedback:

“This workshop was seriously incredible. Dr. Rodriguez is SO talented, and is an AMAZING presenter. She is exactly what I aspire to be as a professional development provider.”

“Very impressive, thought-provoking workshop. Dr. Rodriguez is a born leader in the field of education. Very captivating speaker! I enjoyed Kahoot! Immensely. Well done, you lit up all 3 parts of my brain.”

Consulting Testimonials:

“Dr. Rodriguez is one of the most effective top-level professionals involved in the implementation of the policies set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. She is greatly sought after as the quality of her work is well-known throughout the state and the nation.” -Executive Director of an Educational Collaborative

“[Dr. Rodriguez] not only will bring a depth of knowledge and experience that will benefit your organization, but she also will bring integrity, trustworthiness, and an ability to work effectively with a wide range of personalities.” -Retired Superintendent

“Dr. Rodriguez is a seasoned district administrator with a unique combination of academic research and strengths in instructional delivery.” -College Director of Programming

“Kristan is a model of a universally designed leader. She understands the importance of engagement..She designs and delivers graduate courses and administrative retreats with firm goals, but flexible means.” -Assistant Superintendent of Schools

“[Dr. Rodriguez] challenged me to push my limits and become not only a better Finance Director but a well-rounded school administrator” -Director of Business and Finance

“As I reflect on my own development and growth as an educator and administrator, I have taken with me many lessons learned from my time as Dr. Rodriguez’s student. She has inspired and directed my growth towards transformative leadership, through teaching concepts of collaboration, motivation, professionalism, vision, goal setting, balanced risk taking, and truly allowing my passion for teaching and pedagogy to grow and thrive.” -Special Education Administrator

“[Kristan’s] ability to find compromise and develop creative solutions to difficult issues helped me immensely. She is a wealth of experience and knowledge that I relied on heavily.” -High School Principal

“Regardless of how challenging the problem I presented to her, Dr. Rodriguez always made things seem easier and more manageable.” -Middle School Principal

“First and foremost, Kristan possesses a vast working knowledge of educational practices, from cutting-edge, innovative research-based models to established best practices and state mandates. Her willingness and ability to communicate information in a confident, clear, and understandable manner to a wide variety of audiences is an invaluable skill. Kristan is a critical thinker who excels at analyzing and synthesizing complex information from a variety of sources to drive decision making.” -School Committee Member and Research Scientist

“Excellent session with a variety of resources and ‘how to’ ideas.” -Sample Workshop Session Feedback