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Universally Designed Leadership is the premier title for implementing UDL in systems and schools.


Ranked in the top 50 for Educational Administration on Amazon.

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“Universally Designed Leadership is a much-needed addition to the field. Novak and Rodriguez present the fundamentals of exploring, preparing, and integrating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into schools and districts. They focus on the practical steps to shifting cultures in schools and districts to embrace UDL, including creating a shared vision to embrace UDL, conducting needs assessments to guide the work, and developing logic models to guide this pursuit.” -Martin Scanlon, Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education, Boston College

Universally Designed Leadership is the practitioners’ guide to successful strategic implementation of Universal Design for Learning. This timely and relevant work provides a road map for education leaders to engage school communities in defining the why, what and how of learning. A must read for emerging and veteran school leaders alike.” -Dr. Thomas Scott, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents:

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“Read this for a grad class I’m taking in School Leadership and it was a solid read. The content is pretty complex but the authors explain it in a way that makes it really clear. Great for aspiring principals.” -Amazon Review

“Universally Designed Leadership is a practical guide for implementing change and building a transformative vision within your school system. If you care how your local schools are leveraging modern learning techniques and want to inspire an actionable vision for serving all students this is a must read. Whether you are a parent, teacher or school administrator it offers useful examples and a guide for taking practical steps to evolve. Best of all, at it’s foundation are methods to embrace the entire community in a positive and productive manner.” -Online Review



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“Access to educational opportunities is more important than ever.  Universal design for learning is an important tool for ensuring that all students have access to the knowledge and ideas that are essential to further education, careers, and citizenship — and thus to a full life.” -Mitchell Chester, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education