Large Scale Projects

(FY20) MTSS Consultant for the CES SEIS Program

Dr. Rodriguez is conducting onsite program visitations, supporting grant planning, and leading a MTSS Needs Assessment with a focus on program design and program enhancement. 

(FY20) Title I Support for the Essex County Sheriff’s Department

Dr. Rodriguez is facilitating the the Essex County Sheriff Department’s collection of  Title I program overview and data. She is designing a procedural manual and coordinating  the Title I CAP response.

(FY20) Curriculum Leadership Support at CREST Collaborative

RECA is the provider of a full year support framework for curriculum leaders. This intensive support model includes 9 trainings for curriculum leaders to support the ongoing effectiveness in their roles, supporting content-based PD for CREST staff through curriculum leaders, facilitating  resources and materials to be used in content-based PLCs, and providing ongoing support to curriculum leaders through phone, video, and in-person support.

(FY20) Graduate Course Instructor via Novak and Gordon College

Dr. Rodriguez is partnering with Novak Educational Consulting and Gordon College to teach a course titled, Universally Designed Leadership. This course builds off of the proven practice of UDL and through a universally designed leadership model prepares educational leaders to apply successful leadership practices in 21st Century schools.

(FY19-FY20) Educator Evaluation & Curriculum Support at the Park Street School

RECA designed an educator evaluation process for the Park Street School in FY19. In FY20, she will provide comprehensive professional development to the leadership team over a series of 5 full day sessions and one teacher overview training. In FY20, RECA is providing 39 days of support to offer evaluation support and curriculum planning, with a focus on literacy. 

(FY19-FY22) MTSS Tiered Literacy Academy (DESE Sponsored Academy)

This multi-year tiered literacy academy provides high impact professional development, collaborative planning support, and technical assistance for educator teams leading literacy instruction and support in their schools. 

(FY18-FY21) Tier 1 Inclusive Instruction Academy (DESE Sponsored Academy & Private Academy)

This multi-year Inclusive Tier 1 Instruction Academy! The Academy has a strong focus on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) but supports the integration of all three Inclusive Practice frameworks: academic, social/emotional, & behavioral. There is a strong emphasis on meeting the instructional needs of all students (including students with disabilities and English learners), culturally responsive pedagogy, and designing systems (e.g., PD, staffing models, and schedules) to implement long range plans to support inclusive practice.

(FY18-FY20) MTSS Blueprint Development, Tool Design, and Leadership Institute

Dr. Rodriguez has co-authored the Massachusetts MTSS Blueprint, along with designing multiple sets of tools to support MTSS implementation, including an MTSS Self-Assessment and set of robust virtual modules.

(FY19-FY20) Comprehensive Co-teaching and UDL Support for the Abington Public Schools

(FY19)   MTSS Webinar Series

In collaboration with Novak Consulting, RECA is leading a DESE webinar initiative for districts receiving support from regional statewide system of support guidance and tools. Over the two year project, 10 webinar packages will be created and shared. Each package includes a live one hour webinar with a national expert and share accompanying resources for exploration related to evidence-based practices and Turnaround Practices related to targeted cohorts. In addition an online learning module with video clips and additional resources to serve as professional learning modules to share with staff in the designated schools.

(FY19) Comprehensive Support for the Lowell Public Schools

(FY19) Comprehensive Support for the Framingham Public Schools